Teddington is proud to manufacture the award winning CombiSave – a thermostatically controlled valve that improves combi boiler efficiency and reduces water waste.

The device can be fitted in less than 20 minutes and can make even the most modern of A-rated combination boilers more efficient.

The CombiSave works by automatically restricting the flow of water to between 0.5 – 4 l/min every time a hot tap is turned on – allowing the boiler to heat the water faster.

When the water reaches the correct temperature (factory set at 45oC but which can be reduced or increased by 5o as necessary) the valve opens fully, without restriction and the water flows normally through the system.

As well as significantly reducing the amount of water used in the heating process it also means less gas is used.

Independent tests by engineering consultants EA Technology have shown the CombiSave can save up to an average of eight litres of water every time the tap is turned on from cold.

This equates to around 28,000 litres a year for a typical two-person household and £21 a year in energy costs, £70 per year in water (assuming the house is on a water meter) and 130kg in CO2 emissions. The time it takes for water to be heated is also reduced by up to 21 hours over the course of a year.

Simplicity to install

Two rotatable elbows ensure the CombiSave can be used on a range of 15mm pipe configurations, while fitting is simply a case of cutting away part of the existing pipework and attaching the valve. 

It is suitable for low pressure areas (from 0.2 bar) and is compatible with most older boilers, with a maximum inlet water temperature of 85oC.

Fitting a CombiSave will not affect the boiler warranty and it also works with most pre-heat systems - although to gain maximum efficiency this needs to be turned off. 

However, the valve should not be used on boilers that already incorporate a water saving device or that have an inbuilt thermal store.

Kenneth Maxwell, sales manager at Teddington, said: “The CombiSave is very easy to install – taking around 15-20 minutes – and works in the same way as a TMV3 valve.

“We advise all installers to explain that when users turn on the hot tap there will be a short delay before water starts to fully flow. The initial flow rate is relatively slow – increasing as the water temperature warms up. That’s exactly how the valve should be operating. It’s not because it has affected the performance of the boiler.

“It’s truly a win-win for both the consumer and the installer. On the one hand, householders save money whilst on the other, plumbers and heating technicians demonstrate that they genuinely want to reduce their customers’ utility bills – helping to build loyalty and long term client retention. Fitting CombiSave also provides a valuable extra income stream.”

The CombiSave is recommended by Waterwise and retails at £49.50 including VAT.

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