How we work

Teddington uses an evolutionary, ‘5-stage’ development process, a tried and tested approach to product design and development that utilises the latest in technology to reduce time to market and project costs without compromising on quality.

From conception to production approval and handover, we believe that clarity at every stage is critical in achieving the development of a product or solution that meets your detailed requirements, delivering to time, quality and budget.

Stage 1

  • Project Launch: Clarity
  • Identify & Reduce Risks

Stage 2

  • Bread board or dev boards
  • Core functionality and confidence in design

Stage 3

  • Red prototype
  • Fully featured with design ironed out

Stage 4

  • Blue Representative Prototype (by production)
  • Finalise design, client approval, production DFM & DFT

Stage 5

  • Small production batch, yellow boards
  • Production approval and handover