Engineering specialists Teddington are delighted to announce that we have launched an improved version of our award winning CombiSave to help housing associations improve efficiency.

The small, thermostatically controlled valve can be fitted to most combination boilers and helps to reduce waste – helping housing associations across the UK to meet their environmental goals, while at the same time benefitting tenants through reduced utility bills.

The CombiSave, which can be fitted in minutes to most combination boilers, automatically controls the flow of water every time a hot tap is turned on – allowing the boiler to heat the water faster and only returning the flow to normal once a useable temperature is reached.

Independent research by consultants EA Technology, based around an International Boiler Test Standard, has shown the CombiSave can save an average of 27,756 litres of water a year for a typical two-person household.

A little over 600 kWh of energy is also saved in the heating process, reducing CO2 emissions by 130kg a year.

When converted to current price tariffs this equates to savings of £23.22 a year for gas and £49.40 a year for those on a water meter. The time it takes for water to heat up is also reduced by almost half.

Kenny Maxwell, Sales Manager at Teddington, said the benefits for housing associations could be far reaching.

“The CombiSave is a small and straightforward answer to helping improve water efficiency and sustainability – but it could have a wide ranging, positive impact for housing associations across the country,” he said.

“Fitted in 50,000 homes it could save the equivalent to a whole reservoir of water every year, as well as reducing CO2 levels by 6,500 tonnes.

“It represents a relatively simple, cost-effective opportunity for housing associations to reduce the carbon footprint of their overall portfolio while at the same time helping tenants to save money on their utility bills.”

CombiSave is recommended by both the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and Waterwise. It retails at £49.50 including VAT and will not affect a boiler’s existing warranty.

Visit for more information or contact Teddington on 01726 222 505.